12 years a slave.

For the 27 million kids and women involved in modern day slavery, it’s not a choice.  They were trafficked, tricked, and threatened into it.

It’s straight up slavery.  forced labor.  no way out.  It’s a business.  You use the people to get what you want.  to further your cause.  to stack your pocketbook.  The traffickers know what’s up.

You want to see how this works?  Alright.  Watch 12 Years a Slave.  It’s based on a true story.  A free black man lived in New York with his family.  A business deal went awry when the partners had ulterior motives and sold the man into slavery.  Despite his pleas and free papers, the man didn’t stand a chance down south.

SPOILER ALERT: he was a slave for 12 years.  His owner was an ass, for lack of a stronger term.  He was cold hearted, power hungry, and ruthless.  He can do what he wanted with his property. rape.  pillage.  beat.  demean.  There was no sense of value for these people who make his money for him.

This movie makes me sick.  because it happened at one point in history.  and it still happens today.  Though it looks slightly different, it’s more prominent today.  Can you believe that?  do, because it’s true. Take some time to watch this movie.  It’s worth every minute.


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