Vacation for me, means very little screen time.  After sitting in front of my computer all day and compulsively checking my phone every 6 minutes (I read that depressing statistic yesterday), it’s necessary and healthy for me to unplug for a bit.  This means I spend more time with the people I’m with, which I love.  I value quality time so I’m not terribly likely to be taking pictures or documenting what’s happening.  I’mma soak it up while I can and be present.  So, I haven’t read any new posts or looked up great resources because I’ve been with friends.  It was a full, but rich day so I only halfway-apologize for the lack of original, thought-provoking content.  These days are fantastic, but exhausting.

We hit the road again to head south this time.  We’ve been in Georgia for the last couple days but tomorrow’s the day we hit the really warm weather.  yay.  I’m too tired to be excited right now.  Anyway, we’re driving through Atlanta on our way down and if you’re not aware, Atlanta, GA is the city with the biggest trafficking issue in this country.  Land of the free, home of the brave.  Yeah…tell that to the girls involved.

Trafficking isn’t just a problem overseas.  It’s not a problem we can talk about but forget because it’s not happening in our neck of the woods.  It’s a very real problem all over the world.  Shoot, we have issues with it in small town Iowa!  I just thought you should know, though my heart is for Nepal, whatever that may look like, it’s important not to write this cause off since it’s halfway across the world.  It is…but that’s not the only place.  People are trafficked all the time, no matter the age, race, gender, or location.

150716162727-file-ajc-child-prostitute-exlarge-169Here’s a story about a ten year old who was tried for prostitution.  ten years old!

Selling Atlanta’s Children: What Has and Hasn’t Changed



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