modern day abolitionist.

I’m on the road tonight. Big Blue is heading east this time! I just finished my turn driving and man Oh man. I think it’s the combination of dark winter nights starting far too early, glasses with a glare, Christmas music, and my streak of late nights this month but I only lasted about an hour and a half before coffee and a break was necessary.  
While I was driving, I couldn’t help but admire the stars. I love stars. Always have and always will. Stargazing is also one of my favorite pastimes…along with fridge gazing. 🙂
As Orion loomed ahead of me, I started thinking about Nepal. And how they see the same stars as me…maybe some different constellations, but the same nonetheless. I remember the first time I saw the Milky Way. It was an incredibly beautiful, even holy moment. I laid in an Iowa field in absolute awe of this God that I serve. The galaxy lay above me, too many stars to count. Too vast, too immense to comprehend. And I get the privilege to bask in His glory.

And then, I thought about the Underground Railroad. I like to think I would’ve taken part in it if I were around back then. I like to think I couldn’t have bought into the business of slavery. That I wouldn’t be able to see past these individuals’ inherent value to place a price on their head. I like to think I would have stood with them. Stood up for them in this terrible injustice. I like to think the world wouldn’t sway me or my convictions. But I know me. I’m weak. So I can’t say for certain if I’d be standing with the oppressed back then. But everything in me says I wouldn’t have conformed.

I can say that I am willing to be a modern day abolitionist. A stop on the Underground Railroad, if you will. To help the oppressed along the way. To advocate, protect, support. To encourage, listen and understand. To challenge and take risks. To love, offer grace, and be moved with compassion.
That’s what I want to do. I can’t really see myself being the Harriet Tubman of Nepal, but I would gladly be the open arms at the end of the road, welcoming them in, taking care of them and loving them fully as they recover, reflect, regroup, and God redeems their stories.  

Those are my thoughts on this bleak midwinter night. Big Blue out.


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