in her eyes.

True confessions.  One of my favorite pastimes it to look at people’s refrigerators.  I love seeing kid art, quirky magnets, little notes, and photos.  My friends have this really captivating photo on their fridge.  It’s a beautiful middle eastern girl with the most compelling eyes and no matter how many times I’ve seen it before, I always stop to admire something alluring in her piercing eyes (similar to this Pulitzer Prize photo).


Pulitzer Prize Photograph 1984 Steve McCurry

Have you ever stopped to think about someone’s eyes?  The fact that they have a story.  A past and a future.  They have families and people who love them.  They have a job and routines.  They have a life.  An identity.  They are a person of value with something beautiful to offer this world.

“Every statistic for human trafficking is so much more than a number: it represents a face, a silenced voice and an untold story.”

“Every person trapped in trafficking has a story that has been touched with pain. While we cannot change the dark places the oppressed have been, we can fight for them to have hope for their present and future.”

We aren’t supposed to be okay with injustice.  It goes against everything God stands for.  Everything He created us to be.  We are created in His image, after all.  It should be innate nature for us to cringe when we hear about injustice.  And it should be a natural reaction to want to do something about it.

Our fight for justice doesn’t just change their lives.  It changes our lives too.”  -Rapha House


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