what do you want?

It’s been a snowy, frigid, blustery sort of weekend.  That means movies, blankets, and Christmas cards.  It’s been a chill (pun most definitey intended) Saturday watching some of my favorite movies.

I started with Mary and Martha.  It’s one I’d seen pop up online but I never sat down to watch it.  so good.  Two boys die of malaria in Mozambique.  The mothers meet and decide to do something about this very preventable health crisis killing far too many children each year.

My next movie was Lady Jane.  This one is good and challenging for so many reasons.  Lady Jane ruled Engald for a mere nine days, but in that time, she stood up for justice, displayed mercy, spoke out for the outcast and poor, and defended her faith.  “I want a world where men are not branded and men are not sent to slavery because they cannot grow the food they are to eat….A world where the happiness and comfort of a few are not bought by the misery of many.”

And finally, Patch Adams.  Patch is an unconventional medical student.  Instead of treating a diagnosis, he treats a person holistically.  He knows their name.  He listens.  He laughs and cries with them.  He looks beyond the problem to see the whole person.  He eventually started the Geshundheit Institute, an organization that challenges modern hospitals and how treatment is carried out.

These three movies have a couple things in common.  Their based on true stories.  They’re also about strong individuals who saw a need, had convictions, and decided to do something about them.  That’s what Dressember is for me.  It’s my start to doing something about the injustices happening in Nepal.

Now, I understand not everyone cares about human trafficking.  That’s okay.  It’s great actually.  There are so many important issues out there.  Sarah McLaughlin has her mutilated puppies.  Michelle Obama, nutrition.  Bono, Africa.  Leo DiCaprio, the environment.

What’s your cause?  What sort of changes do you want to see?  What are you going to do about it.  Think about it.  What are you passionate about?  What makes you angry?  Lean into that and start to look at how you could get involved in alleviating the needs that arise.


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