new light nepal.

I’ve had a couple people ask about how they can contribute to my Dressember cause.  We’re halfway through the month and I just figured it out…tonight.  I’ve been reserved and contemplative about this decision for two reasons.  One, I haven’t been to Nepal or seen any ministries in action. Two, I don’t want to harm the good being done.  After reading both Toxic Charity and When Helping hurts, this is really important to me.

I wanted to keep the funds in Nepal instead of going through the official Dressember site and supporting their partnering organizations.  So, that’s where the complication came into play.  BUT, here we are and I have a NGO in mind.

logoMeet New Light Nepal.  They work to “end human trafficking, child marriage, and violence against women and children of Nepal, while demonstrating to them the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.”  They increase awareness of human trafficking to prevent future issues and empower Nepali women through education and training.

One thing that’s really cool about this organization is their grassroots program for mothers.  It’s called Mothers Against Trafficking (MAT) and they encourage mothers to form support groups and advocate for their daughters.  MAT also provides training to stand against any future trafficking from happening in their communities.  The really exciting thing about it is that the graduates from the MAT program then go on to teach other villages about trafficking and how parents can get involved and prevent it in their communities.

If you’d like to learn more or donate to New Light Nepal, check out their website.  Right now, it doesn’t appear that they are accepting online donations.  I can email them and update you.  If you don’t feel like sending a check to Nepal, you can send it to me, I’ll compile any donations and take them over in March when I’m in Kathmandu.


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