ignorance is bliss.

Do you know where your clothes come from?  What country they’re made in?  Do you know who makes them?  What sorts of conditions they work in?  If they’re paid a fair wage?  If it was their choice of employment or if they were forced into it?

These are real, important questions that should be asked.  Knowing the answers makes your life a little bit harder, but who cares?  Think of the people who are suffering for your sake.  For the sake of your new kicks or cords.

Have you ever thought about these things?  Have you ever wondered about the source of your consumption?  It’s time.  The True Cost is about these things.  It’s hard to watch.  It’s thought-provoking and begs for change.  It’s convicting and compelling.  It sheds light on an ever important issue, especially in the Christmas season.  A time where many people purchase gifts for others.  A time when demand increases, so must the supply.  And a time when factory managers are pushed to produce.  A time when more people may be forced to work in unhealthy environments.  getting paid very little.  making gazillions of garments.  This may be the cognitive dissonance of Christmas coming out in me, but I struggle this time of year.  More so this year after watching this movie.

Take an hour and a half to educate yourself while you “Netflix and chill”.  This is just one set of stories.  There are good people doing good things out there as well but you should see both sides.  So here’s the not so cheery side of the fashion industry.


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