so little country, so much to learn.

I’ve been asked a couple times now, how people can engage with my Dressember experience.  Obviously, you can read my posts, do your own research and be more informed.  But, if you want a tangible way to engage, you’ll have to wait a bit.  I’m still working on finding a specific organization to support.

There are plenty of organizations that work with combatting Human Trafficking and working with victims after the fact.  They are doing good work, but decisions are hard and I want to make sure I have all the information before I send money to something halfway across the world.  When Helping Hurts and Toxic Charity and my own personal experience in ministry have made me think more critically about how I engage.

Let me just take this time to tell you a little about the need and why there are so many organizations in the little country of Nepal.

  • It’s a big trekking country.  Lots of people come to climb Mt. Everest (or attempt to hike part of it).  Tourism is high…and that could lead to higher trafficking.
  • It’s land locked between India and China so there is a lot of traffic on the borders.
  • It’s an impoverished, developing country after the 10 year civil war
  • The caste system seems to set people up for failure as far as status and job qualifications are concerned.  It is very limiting.

These are all things I have read somewhere or another so don’t take them as absolute truth.  I am learning just as much this month as you might be.  Here’s a site that may be of interest this month and an infographic to keep things interesting.



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