seized by the power of a great affection.


my current desktop.  Google says it’s a snapshot of Nepal…I choose to believe that’s true.

I’ve been thinking ‘why Nepal?’ recently and I don’t have a great answer.  I’ve already shared why human trafficking matters to me.  I can’t quite pinpoint the day I started caring about Nepal though.

It wasn’t until I transferred universities did I start thinking about Nepal.  Trafficking was on my mind and I had toyed with the idea of the Peace Corps, but nothing serious came of it.  I met one friend who had recently traveled to Nepal.  great.  But we never actually talked about it.  And then I met a couple more people.  and it kept coming up in articles I was reading.  Or simple references in books.  I remember walking into a Target, checking out the book section and a bright yellow cover caught my eye.  SOLD.  Hmm.  I picked it up, turned it over and guess what it was about.  human trafficking in Nepal.  That sort of sealed the deal for me.  This wasn’t a series of coincidences.  Nepal obviously was supposed to mean something in my life.

I started looking into the country.  Asking questions of my friends who have experienced Nepal.  Searching for articles and books specifically about Nepal.  It became like a rogue piece of glitter you can’t get rid of.  It always caught my eye, even if it was just mentioned.  Like one of those annoying Index entries in the back of a text book.  I wanted more content but most of what I ran across seemed less than helpful.

The more stories I hear, pictures, I see, and information I read, the more my heart breaks for these people whom I have never met.  I have this strange affection for a country and people I haven’t encountered.  I long to go, oh so desperately.  That’s about all I talk about these days.  I yearn to experience the culture, love the people, and take in everything about this little country I can.  I get misty eyed just thinking about it.


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