mutual brokenness. a beautiful hope.

Did you watch The Candy Shop?  I watched it again tonight and my goodness, it’s powerful and provokes so many emotions.  Anger, sadness, confusion, and disbelief aren’t strong enough words to convey what I feel when I think about trafficking.candyshop-promo1
Prostitution isn’t something people choose because they love the lifestyle.  Most often, they are forced into it or can’t see a better option.  Like the Candy Shop owner, the enticers can be charismatic, captivating, and convincing.  They can offer false promises of a better life, job, or status.  They are careful with their words and sell the story in a way that refuses no for an answer.  They are crafty individuals that will do whatever for the cash flow because as the Candy Shop owner said, “[you can make] more than you can imagine.  Oh, there’s a fortune to be made in ‘candy’.  If there wasn’t such a need, there wouldn’t be so much business, now would there?”

Oh, the feelings!  I don’t have a lot to say without offering judgement and condemnation, and that’s not something I want to do.  So I will just say, this is a problem all over the world that needs to be stopped.  How?  I’m not sure.  Show people a better way to deal with their issues.  Promote shalom.  Then we wouldn’t have to sell people to appease the demand for sex.  And people wouldn’t feel like selling themselves is the only option they have.  Shalom offers the hope of wholeness.  It is this incredible picture of perfect relationships with yourself, others, creation, and God.  A world without brokenness.  A world where people aren’t desperate to purchase a warm body for a night.  A world where children are cherished rather than forced to fight.  A world where we respect and value each other and ourselves.

shalom-10Oh how wonderful this world sounds.  It comes through Christ’s redemption.  That’s the only way.  We’re all broken, whether you struggle with valuing yourself, lust and exploitation, lies, or pride.  It’s brokenness nonetheless and that’s why I offer no judgement.  Do I condone it?  Heck no.  But I am just as broken as the people supporting the sex industry.  I am just as broken as the individuals who find themselves being used and abused.  As long as we’re on this side of heaven, we’re going to have to deal with brokenness in individuals and systems.  That’s the way of this fallen world.

That’s not the end of the story though. Christ offers a beautiful hope for us all.  To love us despite our flaws of the flesh.  To forgive our shortcomings.  To redeem our brokenness for his glory.  We just have to recognize our deficiency and accept his transcendent holiness.


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