long legs, short dresses, bigger problems.

Day two of Dressember, done.  True confessions.  Dresses often run a bit short on a 5’9″ girl with long legs, therefore my host mom and dear friend sent me back upstairs to change before work.  It happens.  I’m so thankful for people who are challenging and honest with me.  So, so thankful.  Anyway, I plan to strategize a bit better because if I destroy  my closet everyday for the next 29 days the way I did this morning, it’s going to be a long month.

I had several conversations about Dressember today.  It was wonderful and reaffirmed that this was a good decision, a quick one, but good nonetheless.  It’s a challenge, wearing a dress for 31 days.  Is this the biggest challenge in my life?  No, but shoot, my life is pretty blessed if I can say that one of my biggest struggles today was having to find a dress with an appropriate length.  The act of wearing a dress does nothing to combat human trafficking.  It seems like a form of “slacktivism”.  I get it, I do.  But it’s a good reminder of perspective for me.   It makes me think of those women who don’t have it so easy.  Those who are actively selling their bodies or see themselves as worthless because they were exploited.  Those who can’t visualize a better life for themselves because they don’t see their true, inherent value.  Those who don’t have a comfortable job to go to every day.  Those who aren’t surrounded by wonderful, caring people who love them dearly.  Every time I looked down at my dress today, these thoughts ran through my head and it’s humbling and sobering and saddening.

Photo credit: Protothema

Photo credit: Protothema

I’m doing this because I’m passionate about the women who have been trafficked or exploited.  I haven’t experienced it in the same capacity, but I have felt violated by someone I trusted.  I’ve felt the shame and guilt and pain.  The stares, isolation, and loneliness.  The inner war of what I knew to be true versus what I felt so strongly about myself.  It’s a terribly difficult battle between head and heart.

I’ll walk through more of my story throughout the month.  I’ve got books, movies, articles, and dreams to share with you.  This is something I truly am passionate about.  It’s something that makes me angry, deeply confused, heartbroken, and shed tears.  It’s something that I can’t forget or let go.  It’s a cause I’m willing to move across the globe to do something about.  Until then, here I am, writing, reading, watching, listening, observing, and dreaming up ways to engage where I’m at.  I hope you’ll join me in this.



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