just another day.

It’s a day for love.  Generally this means dates, flowers, chocolates, bitterness, rom-coms, and obscenely unecessary teddy bears.  Not for me.  I was surrounded by friends that I love dearly, but some aren’t so lucky.

After my trip to New Orleans this summer, I have a heart for those in prison, specifically, those there for life or on death row.  The ones locked up for something they did or didn’t do.  The ones who have been away from their friends and families for years because of a bad decision.  The ones who don’t get another chance.  The ones who get forgotten, disowned, condemned.  The ones who are isolated.  The ones who don’t feel the love on this day.

This doesn’t just apply to inmates.  It is true for elderly people in nursing homes, retirement communities, and assisted living residencies.  Those with mental and physical disabilities living in group homes may not get to see their families and friends on a regular basis either.  The homeless, immigrants, refugees, and displaced individuals. It’s sad and heartbreaking.  Don’t believe me?  check out this video.  so. freaking. sad.

February 14th is just a day, my friends.  But we can love others, whoever you have a heart for, everyday of the year.  Our words, smiles, time, and talents can be used to love others.

Love does, people.  Do something with your love.


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