Another issue I’ve heard much more about recently is pro-life versus pro-choice.  Most people think it means life starts at conception and abortion is wrong.  Though I agree with that, there was a more thought provoking argument that came up last week before the caucus.  What does it look like to be pro-life…in all aspects of the term?  Well now, I dunno.  I hadn’t ever thought of it this way.

I suppose pro-life means to be against abortions and the death penalty and euthanasia.  It means to look on immigrants and those of lower socio-economic status with dignity and respect.  It means seeing people as individuals.  Human beings with stories trying to live life.  People who struggle and celebrate small victories because sometimes baby steps are all that they can muster.  People who make bad decisions, feel remorse, and want a second chance.

“I don’t want to just be an anti-abortion or anti-death person. I want to be pro-life. For far too long, we Christians have been known more by what we are against than by what we are for. I am ready for a Christianity that is consistently committed to life and all about interrupting death everywhere it raises its ugly face.”  –Shane Claiborne

What does this look like?  How does it change the way I live?  How does it change the way I view others?

Check out this post for another view.



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