100 days of summer.

I like lists and haven’t posted in awhile so here goes.

  1. I’ve killed two spiders, drowned a bazillion little black bugs that enjoy raspberries, and was attacked by a swarm of mosquitos two days ago…
  2. I’ve watched four lesser known movies on Amazon/Netflix in the last week.  I’m 3-1 for shedding tears.  If you ever need suggestions, hit me up.  Watching obscure indie movies is something I thoroughly enjoy.
  3. I’ve become quite the domesticated lady this summer.  I canned salsa, baked zucchini and banana bread, made pizza, tried a new recipe for jambalaya, learned how to grill, ate fresh produce, and made caprese.  Mmm delish.
  4. I’ve been to Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas for wonderful adventures with even better friends.
  5. I rode a bike in a skirt!  This may not seem like a big deal but it was one of my goals for the summer.  The ladies in movies always make it look so elegant.
  6. I made a blanket for a dear friend in a weekend, mind you.  This is the quickest and most motivated I think I’ve ever been on a sewing project.
  7. I went camping with my best friend and we survived a pack, ahem, I mean troop of obnoxious boy scouts.
  8. I’ve read books upon books this summer.  I’m realizing just how much I enjoy to learn from reading.  books, articles, posts, etc.  If you read anything interesting, send it my way!
  9. I successfully spent time in my hammock.  My technique needs some work but Storm Lake doesn’t really provide many opportunities for lounging.
  10. I learned how to make sticky rice and explored the ethnic food markets in town!  This is probably one of the more exciting things that happened this summer!
  11. The music scene in my life has been great.  I discover new music left and right.  I’ll gladly take any suggestions you wish to offer:)
  12. For those of you who haven’t experienced it’s glory, Madison, WI is a pretty great town and you should check it out sometime.  Wisconsin in general is beautiful…and they have dairy farms with cows galore.  What more could you want?
  13. Laura and I checked off several items on out bucket list.  4 in one weekend to be exact.  It was a very productive walk.
  14. I earned so many freckles this summer…and some pretty gnarly tan lines.  But freckles!
  15. I’ve had so many rockin’ conversations with new friends and old friends.

I’ve survived adulthood thus far.  Lots of changes since graduation.  Some unexpected, others were sort of anticipated.  Change creates a growth edge.  Growing is good.  So things are well.  I’m also realizing writing this post at the end of summer definitely has a rose-colored tint to it…but that’s okay.  It’s good to look back on the positive side of things.


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