you do you.

I’ve spent that last week unpacking, cleaning, and repacking.  I’ve read a bit, talked with friends, and ate my mother’s food.  I’ve led quite an exciting life after graduation on Saturday…not really.  That’s okay though.  There is quite a bit to process now that my undergrad years are over and I have to live life on my own.
I’ve dealt with relationships, money, scheduling, taxes, and my job all in the last five days.  I’ve read articles, books, and blogs about growing up, starting life on my own, and making wise decisions.  I think I can handle it.  The one thing that I read this week that’s been truly meaningful to me is from one of my favorite authors, Don Miller.

“I like what the dancer Martha Graham once said that each of us is unique and if we didn’t exist something in the world would have been lost.  I wonder, then, why we are so quick to conform – and what the world has lost because we have.  William Blake said about Jesus that he was “all virtue and acted from impulse, not from rules.”  If we are to be like him, aren’t we to speak and move and do, to act upon the world and take new ground from the forces that work against our unique genius and beauty?  What if part of God’s message to the world was you?  The true and real you?”

This is encouraging to me as I start life on my own.  I sometimes feel like I need to grow up…but then I remember I’m pretty darn mature and it’s worked for me thus far.  I don’t need to conform into the professional life with early nights and no fun.  I can be me and still be a grown up.  I can stand on chairs and exclaim when I see cows, and throw out my random southern twang when I want to…because that’s who God created me to be.

So, as I embark on this service trip to New Orleans, I’m going to be me.  to enjoy the south and tolerate the humidity.  love on people by listening to their stories.  dance in the rain.  talk passionately about “toxic charity”.  quote Forrest Gump.  write letters.  swoon at the old men.  earn as many freckles as possible.  And carry a sweater in the Louisiana summer.  Because these things are very me and I am perfectly content with that.  Imma do me and you do you.  


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