24 hours. 22 days. lots of memories still to take place.

So, the past 24 hours have been some of the best I’ve had at BVU…second only to graduation eve last year.

Yesterday after supper, I did homework outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  I went to a free midnight movie with some friends, hosted my last BuenaBreakfast, flipped a double pancake and gained a roomful of drunk fans.  Despite the electrical issues, the breakfast was a huge success and I’m happy with how it went down.  Finally bedtime at 4am, WAY too late for me these days.  Reluctantly woke up for Buenafication Day set up and prep.  It’s totally worth it because it just so happens to be my favorite day of the school year and one of the best things about BV!  We ran a successful Opening Ceremony, complete with out mascots kicking 4th grader butts in a race. IMPACT did some yard work at the Presbyterian church, which of course was a good time.  A lovely picnic on the South Forum Lawn with ICE CREAM!.  Squad ran all over campus to take care of errands and killed it with the stairs and sunshine.  Homework outside with Kels…turned into a much needed nap.  Parachute time with little people and a bunch of college students acting like elementary students again.  Supper at Sodexo….nothing terribly exciting about that.  A giggly game of lawn golf where I had two awesome shots on two of my worst holes…the sidewalk rule had nothing on me today!  Wiffle Ball and FCA led by Turrrrrrn.

I’m exhausted, I’m a little red, but I’m fuller because of today.  So many great memories were made.  Some meaningful service took place.  And this was the perfect way to start the close of my senior year.  22 more days to make rocking memories with the crazy wonderful people I’ve met at BV.


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