there’s a first time for everything.

This is what one of the kids at Summit’s Fall Blast told me as I painted a rabbit on her face.  not a cute little Peter Cottontail on the cheek…no.  This was a full facial bunny started with 10 minutes left in the night.  I was a wee bit nervous she would look like a crazy person slapped some whiskers on her face and dabbed a blotch of pink on her nose but she turned out alright.

This week has contained several firsts for me.

  1. authentic spicy Ramen and bubble tea

    authentic spicy Ramen and bubble tea

    I’m eating spicy Ramen and drinking bubble tea made by the lovely international club.  It’s delicious…and they don’t lie when they market SPICY ramen.  goodness sakes.  heartburn for days!

  2. I helped at the face painting table last night.  I enjoy drawing but have never painted on anyone’s face.  IT’s quite enjoyable and challenging because let’s be real, kids can’t sit still.
  3. I saw Phil Wickham in concert and he was everything I could have hoped for…except I couldn’t really see him. It was wonderful and brought me back to my Calvary Chapel days with MNM and Luke, JC and Red Beard.
  4. I RODE IN A COMBINE!  I’ve never really spent time on a farm before so Jill invited me to ride along while they harvested their fields.  I loved it and I learned an awful lot.
  5. I also drove Forrest through a cornfield…I don’t think he appreciated it much.  (Yes, Forrest is my car’s name).  This is why I need an old truck!  Because then, I can drive through cornfields anytime I want!
  6. I toured the Tyson pork plant in town…what used to be a smelly building I drive by everyday has turned into a place of employment for a good portion of people in town, an extremely efficient company, and their HR is fabulous.
  7. I flung flaming marshmallows into the lake last night..probably not the wisest thing, but if that’s the most rebellious thing I do in college, I can live with it.

    We Can Do It!

    We Can Do It!

  8. I babysat this week!  This was something I loved doing when I was younger but haven’t attempted since Maryville.  I had a grand ole time!  We played Life, air hockey, pool, and darts.  Props to the Scully kids for being so cool.
  9. I began crocheting a blanket tonight…I’ve started things but never finished them so this should be a good project for me.  I’m trying to teach some of the Bridge girls how to crochet but I’m a little rusty myself, so I figured I can work on it during the many movies we watch here.
  10. I learned how to box AND sword fight this week!  I was much better at boxing.  I don’t have enough strength to wield a sword (as evidenced by my We Can Do IT costume) nor am I aggressive enough.  Note: these lessons took place in between kids trick-or-treating at BV.  It was “Rosie” vs. an Athenian.  We were quite the sight.

You could say that this was my theme song for the week.


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