My life.

I have been riding the struggle bus this morning so after ripping the tag off my tea bag, dropping a sugar packet in my cup and missing the trashcan, I decided to try my hand at writing a blog post.  Let’s hope my hands function better on a keyboard than fixing a cup of tea.

When I first came to Storm Lake, all I heard about was The Bridge this, and The Bridge that….I had heard so much about The Bridge that I avoided it.  My friends volunteered at the food ministry or after school program and my hipster self wanted nothing to do with it.  I used to be hesitant with children…this week, I babysat three kids and had a blast…funny how things change.

I spent a solid three weeks interning there in January, an entire summer working as an AmeriCorps VISTA, and have all but verbally accepted a position there post-graduation.  Storm Lake has opened my eyes to cultures, missional life, and meaningful service/ministry.  It consumes my life and I have a deeper passion to serve in whatever capacity the Lord has for me.  This week, Anne wrote a post on the mission field coming to us and it was especially for me.  I’ve considered missions in the past, I applied for the Peace Corps, I’m feel like I’m ready to do this…but I’m realizing I don’t have to go anywhere for it.  God has placed the world under my feet and infront of my face.  It’s here in Storm Lake…they’re here in small-town northwest Iowa.

I never thought I would stay in Iowa.  I was set on moving south.  I was set on moving halfway around the world but I don’t feel like that’s what I’m supposed to do anymore…at least not right now.  I’m appreciating the beautiful countryside in Iowa.  The people in my community and the culture here.  There was so much that I was missing and taking for granted because I wanted to leave…but now that I’m thinking of staying, this place seems like a decent tradeoff now.  It doesn’t seem too bad to stay here anymore.  I can see the beauty here instead of looking toward the next best thing and I’m content.


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