Happy Indigenous People’s Day

Christopher Columbus is my hero! My life goal is to be just like him, that’s why I decided to travel the world after I graduate. When I discover a group of people who I think can’t handle themselves, I’ll just take over and make them my little slaves! That’s the best way to create social change, you know. Who cares about relationships with individuals, it’s all about the power, people!

There is a lot of terrible stuff happening in the world but lets try to handle it better than Columbus did.  He may have a federal holiday in his honor, but it wasn’t worth the lives he took or ruined to make that happen.

May we all be aware of our actions and how they affect others.  May we respect their cultures, ideals, and beliefs.  May we treat them with honor and dignity…no matter how different they may be.  May we get on their level and realize we are all beautifully flawed humans.


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