¿como se dice…?

I haven’t touched a Spanish book since junior year of high school and I regret it.  I wish I could’ve worked it in to my schedule to finish high school with that foreign language.  I wish I would’ve paid more attention.  I wish I actually practiced my Spanish rather than Spanglish.  I wish I could type Snapish Spanish on the first try.  I wish. I wish.  I wish.  It’s not going to change anything.  

I’ve always liked Spanish and was relatively decent at it in school.  So decent that I remember some things!  from four years ago!  exciting stuff!  I can pick out little words in my coworkers conversations to shout out and translate.  (This is probably really annoying but I hope you can forgive me for the interruption.  I’m just celebrating the fact that I can understand the simplest of words and phrases.)  I can ask basic questions and speak with maybe a 2 year-old’s fluency…maybe.  

I plan to practice this summer.  Half of our devotion time this morning was spent with us talking about Spanish with my two partners in crime…fluent Spanish speakers!  Part of my afternoon was spent on the swing with Osciel asking him questions in Spanish…Osciel is the cutest little Hispanic boy who can’t start a sentence without stuttering in his adorable accent.  It’s wonderful.  He’s the little guy who jammed out to Baby by Justin Beaver with me a couple weeks ago.  He’s only six but I’ll take a six year-old conversation partner over the two year old vocabulary I have now.  

Y’all have any tips, I’ll take them.  I’ve got a nice selection of midwestern lingo, a southern accent, gangster getups, and my own special phrases so why not add some Spanish to the mix. 🙂


  1.  I received my first picture from a small child this afternoon.  It has prime real estate on my dresser door.  Thanks Lily!
  2.  I have a dentist appointment at 2:30 tomorrow.  Seriously?  How perfect is that?  If you don’t get this joke, my apologies for your sad sense of humor.  Leave a comment and I will send you a Laffy Taffy just so you can live a little.
  3. I’m leaving Howard’s for the rest of the week to live with an old lady named Shirley.  It’s going to be great 🙂
  4. My mentor figured out I’m my own sort of hipster today…and then she laughed at me.  I’ve got my quirks and I’m perfectly content with them.

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