Recently, the blogging thing has not been as consistent as I would have liked.  When I get home from work, I just want to sit and not think…so blogging hasn’t happened a ton this last week.  And sorry for the lack of pictures, I don’t take any at the centers but I’ll try to start.

Yesterday, the inevitable happened.  I went to the school lunch program with 21 small children.  I had been avoiding this for three weeks and couldn’t put it off any longer.  I rode The Bridge bus and was tense the whole time.  This was definitely the worst part of the experience.  Once we got into the school it was easy.  The VISTAS helped the kids grab trays and open milk cartons (talk about a throwback!)

There were three main tables full of kids…and there was one table with two little girls sitting together.  They were sisters from Seneca and I’d sort of connected with their little sister last week. They are brand new refugees from Sudan and don’t have a lot of friends.  I asked why they were sitting by themselves and my heart broke a little bit.  “Everyone’s mean to us.  We don’t have any friends here.”  Out of the 20 kids scarfing down their tacos and ice cream, no one wanted to talk to them?  If the move from Africa, the adjustments to America, leaving everything you knew, and experiencing the traumatic things in the refugee camps wasn’t enough already, let’s add an antenna and treat them like aliens.

We can’t even begin to understand what these three little sisters have experienced in their short lives but I’m pretty positive it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies.  Maybe this is why the oldest has anger issues.  the little girl doesn’t talk.  why she starts bawling in the midst of everything.  why they talk differently.  or they cling to each other.  why they are slightly more aggressive than the other children.  why they dress differently.  or are so skinny.

They need love and I intend to give it to them this summer.  Kids are not the easiest for me to love on but I see a need in these Nyas and I will do what I can to help the little sistas out.


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