stormy truths.

Truths from this weekend.  These aren’t necessarily new things I’ve learned, they’ve just been proven for the umpteenth time in the past couple days.

  1. I have some rockin’ friends.  They are the best and I don’t think you could ever dispute that.
  2. Walking around your house is 20x cooler when you hum the Mission Impossible theme and sneak around corners.  try it sometime.
  3. Climbing trees is harder than it looks…and that branch is higher than it seemed from the ground.  
  4. You can indeed fit 6 kids, a car seat, and 10 adults in a 15 passenger van.  It’s not ideal, but it is possible.
  5. Butter that’s too soft makes pancake cookies…edible but not practical.
  6. Money is a necessity and I hate it.  I’m going to be tight with money for the rest of my life.  It can be a depressing thought.
  7. Rain is a good thing but it can be inconvenient at times…like when you’re supposed to go camping.
  8. Charlie Brown was right…there are kite-eating trees.  good grief.
  9. Running a 5K is much more enjoyable with a couple of sweet kids by your side.  
  10. This weekend’s weather fit the town’s name quite nicely.
  11. I’d have to say handwritten notes are one of my favorite things in the whole world.  Whether it is written on an origami crab,  a post it note stuck to my dresser, or the absolute perfect birthday card in the mail, I love them.   

That’s all for this stormy evening.  


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