this white girl can’t dance.

Today was a pretty chill day.  Nothing was real intensive today.  It seemed more of a learning experience if anything.  Here’s a lovely list of things I learned today.

  1. I may talk like a gangsta sometimes but I am VERY white when it comes to dancing.  I find this fact quite unfortunate.  Hopefully the girls can help me shake up the conservative baptist in me.
  2. Saying no is a good thing.  I need to do it more often…or at least stand up for myself.
  3. Bubble tea is delicious…as is Thai food. 
  4. African hair and Hannah hair are very different.
  5. Creation is incredible. 
  6. There’s more going on in Africa than I knew about.  the conflicts.  the government.  the people.  so much to learn!
  7. Steak isn’t terrible.  
  8. I found the best banana bread recipe.
  9. Peeling blistered skin is a foreign thing to some people.  
  10. 5AM is going to come real soon

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