celebrating the changes.

So, I made it through the first week.  I’d say this is cause for celebration.

A week ago…

  • the VISTAs were strangers…now, we are comfortable enough to drench each other with water.
  • Seneca was just this place that Jay and Anne lived…now it is a second home to 40 little faces.
  • Howard was just a sweet old man I met in January…now we are house mates and soon to be BFFs.
  • I was apprehensive…now I’m looking forward to the summer.
  • I could stay up past midnight…now I’m ready for bed at 9pm.
  • these kids were just characters in stories…now they are faces with hearts that just want to be loved on.
  • (my mindset) the kids are going to be the end of me…now, I’m still not in love but it isn’t so bad in smaller groups.

It’s only been a week and this much has changed.  I have nine more weeks of summer.  there is so much more to come.  more sleep deprivation, smiles, giggles, personalities, games of knockout, meals, and memories.  It should be swell.



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