Jalapeño business

I’m too tired to form paragraphs so you’re going to have to deal with another list.

1. Contacts make great shields when cutting onions.
2. Jalapeños and eyeballs do t mix well. It burns!
3. I’m cold blooded. Long pants and long sleeve shirts the past four days. It’s summer for goodness sakes!
4. Micky got his package today. It’s so nice not to have that secret anymore.
5. I received 65 messages from Lahra today. I haven’t had a chance to respond to any of them.
6. The professors at BV are fantastic. So encouraging and invested in our lives.
7. Chocolate tastes wonderful after a long day. Mike and Ikes aren’t too bad either.
8. People drain me. And confuse me. And frustrate me. Basically, I don’t play well with others sometimes.
9. I have OCD scrubbed my hands 12 times tonight and they still burn. I’m like Midas…but with fire hands.
10. College students are still little kids inside. The Disney playlist came on and we busted out without missing a note. It was fantastic. We also get distracted easily.

That’s all for tonight. I need to respond to my 65 messages. Tomorrow’s Friday! Exciting times. Lunch with a friend. Seneca for the afternoon and dinner with the team. Hopefully I can catch some freckles while I’m at it 🙂


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