a good life choice.


College. It’s kind of a big deal in one’s life.  Understandably so.  You learn all about a future career path.  You make friends that will most likely stay with you for years to come.  You live on your own and learn about yourself.  You make mistakes but you learn and move past them.  It’s a pretty great place once you choose the right school.

  I made the decision to transfer to Buena Vista University last fall after considering it for two years.  Transferring was a big deal for me.  I was leaving several friends and good things in Maryville.  my mornings with farmer friends at HyVee. Sonic.  a beautiful campus.  good times and cute parks.  I thought I left the dreadful wind…I was sadly mistaken. 

  My transition to BV and Storm Lake has been a good one. I am happy with the move.  The friends, faculty, and community members I’ve met here are wonderful.  This campus is welcoming, the town is diverse, and the people are friendly folk.  Classes are challenging, the wind is killer, the neighbors are rowdy, and the washing machines are out to get me but these are things I’m just going to have to get over.

  I’m not writing this post because I’m just realizing how great this school is…I’ve known for quite some time. No, friends, these thoughts were brought on by a card I received this morning (I’m a sucker for small little notes like this).  I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and shared a little about that with my professor when I was making up a quiz on Monday. She took the time out of her crazy-busy schedule to hand-write this note encouraging me and letting me know she’s glad I’m at BV and is praying for me.  Seriously?  How many other schools have professors willing to take the time to do something like that for a student they met three months ago?  She genuinely cares as do all of my professors and I really appreciate it.

 I’m sure I could say a whole lot more about BV.  The speakers and events they bring in.  The opportunities and resources they connect you with.  The knowledge you walk away with.  The friends you meet here .  The community that this place has is unreal and something I will cherish long after graduating.  Although I’m beyond ready to be done with school, I’m happy to spend my last two years and this wonderful place with some pretty amazing people



2 thoughts on “a good life choice.

  1. Hannah! I’m transferring next year and it’s encouraging to know your transfer has been smooth and you are enjoying it so far. I can only hope and pray that mine will go the same way. Hope everything else is great for you!

    • My transition has been wonderful. School used to be lonely and miserable but the school, people, and community are exactly what I needed. I hope Creighton will redeem your college experience!

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