old people are the bee’s knees

If you know me well at all, you know that I have a thing for old people.  I think they’re cute and sweet and altogether endearing.  The farmers that get coffee at HyVee in the morning.  The ladies that go grocery shopping…as slow as they may be in front of me.  The couples that still hold hands as they walk through the park.  And those frustratingly slow drivers you always seem to get stuck behind when you’re in a hurry.

the white curls.  the salt and pepper swoop.  the big nose and ears.  the sweaters, suspenders, and spectacles.  pastels, argyle, and Bill Cosby patterns.  their style is sweet and so are they.

Old people are full of stories and wisdom.  Sometimes they don’t make any sense, but other times their experiences are remarkable.  They have a sense of pride and patriotism that we will never understand.  They appreciate the little things because there was a time when that was all they had.  Their lives has been full of tragedy but also of beauty.

They may be grumpy and cynical at times but they’ve been around for awhile…they’ve seen a lot of crap and I think it’s okay for them to be leary on some things.  The world has changed a lot in the past 70 years.  I get frustrated with these young whippersnappers who think they know everything too…and I’m the same age as them.  They’ve lived through racism, sexism, wars, changes in technology, and immigration among other things.

chivalry.  they’re romantics.  They used to go dancing instead of staying in and watching a movie.  They drove rockin cars, and donned clothes that were the cat’s meow.   They had a deep love because they know what it’s like to lose.  You see old men holding the door open for their wives.  you see them holding hands and helping each other get up from the chair when their knees are sore.  They’ve been married for half a century.  They love their other half but aren’t afraid to tease and flirt with them still.


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They care about the things that matter and don’t get caught up in the things that don’t.  They notice the little things and genuinely care.  They have deep relationships and connections to people and places.   They’ve learned a lot and are willing to share that wisdom with others.  Their life seems simple and I love that.

I’m a pretty simple gal and maybe that’s why I enjoy old people so much.   Sometimes I feel like an old person in a 20 year old’s body.  I like all things domestic.  cooking, cleaning, baking, sewing, crocheting.  reading, dancing, playing cards.  driving slow, taking walks, listening to stories.  the fashion is fantastic and the vehicles are to die for.

If you haven’t gathered this by now, I’ll lay it out for you pretty plain and simple.  I think old people are the bee’s knees.


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