the south…finally.

I’m spending 5 1/2 days in South Louisiana for spring break and let me tell you, it is much needed.  I’ve had some strange infatuation with the south for several years now, but it just increased after living with a Louisianan for a few months last year.  I would hear about these R.O.U.S.¹ known as nutria and what life “up the bayou” is like.  I’d eat traditional style Cajun food and hear about this family of hers but they were all still foreign concepts to me.  I wanted to see it for myself…and I just really missed my friend.  So, I asked for a plane ticket as an early birthday present and booked the trip.  

I didn’t have a whole lot of time to think about it while I was still in school because, well, I was in school and this semester has been real overwhelming for me.  So, it didn’t hit me until my drive home after midterms.  I started thinking about all those conversations I had with MNM, the meals we cooked, the movies we watched, the drives we took and parks we visited.  Our shared memories came flooding back and I was actually able to concentrate on them instead of my stats or accounting homework.  My trip became a reality.  I would be reunited with her after 9 months.  Lots of life changes had happened for both of us and handwritten letters just can’t do some things justice.

I have experienced the humidity.  wildlife.  food.  music.  family.  people.  architecture.  history.  rain.  language.  plants.  and the south…finally. 

So, all this is to say, I’m having a wonderful time and am quite sad that it will all be over tomorrow.  It’s been nice down here.  My liking for the south has some support behind it now.  I can see myself as a southerner someday.  Maybe after college.  maybe further down the road.  maybe it’s just at heart (but hopefully not)… We’ll just have to see where God leads.  

1. R.O.U.S.: Rodents Of Unusual Size (The Princess Bride, 1987).


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