southern sunday.

So, I’ve been in the south for 31 hours and it’s been wonderful. I’m 1,100 miles away from home and it’s amazing how different it is down here. The accents, architecture, climate and culture are so different yet it’s easy to fall into. I feel like I’m adjusting well…Luke and Melissa may think otherwise but I’m bound and determined to be a southerner someday.

I know I’ve said I want to move down here but honestly, I’d never fully experienced the south until this trip. And I’ve been here a day and a half and I think I could handle it. I was concerned about the humidity but I’ve been cold most of the time…imagine that (it’s even been quite humid and in the 70s). I love the accents (this is a given though). I haven’t gotten used to the French/ Cajun words or spellings but I can learn. I like the lifestyle. It just seems really simple and I’m a pretty simple gal. I don’t need a lot to make me happy. Just give me the essentials and some good company and I’ll be content.

Holy cow, I’ve learned a lot since being here.
-Nutria: swamp rodents with orange teeth
-Spanish Moss: hangs from trees…but only certain kinds
– anole/geckos/bugs: quite common creatures
-bayou: different than a swamp, marsh, lake, river, pond, or stream
-crawdads, crawfish and mud bugs are the same thing and quite tasty might I add
-sugar cane is the main crop ’round here

contrary to popular belief, people have teeth and an education. Not everyone is a gator hunter, duck commander, or swamp person. They live normal lives, eat normal food and wear normal clothes. As much as I like them, I haven’t seen a banjo or overalls yet. Yeah, you have your exceptions but I’m sure we probably have people back home that eat squirrel too so it’s really not that big of a deal.

Tomorrow brings about more adventures but as for now, I’m going to fall asleep to the sound of a nice, cool, southern rain.


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