The Scandal of Grace

The Scandal of Grace

A friend of mine wrote this Relevant Magazine article about nine years ago but it is a perfect glimpse of what Man of La Mancha is all about.  I’m so thankful for the scandalous grace Jesus offers to us and I hope you can embrace your position as His “sweet one.”

“We play the character of Aldonza in this drama. We were dirty, impure and unworthy. We had no lineage and no future. We were of no account. We were not fit to be deemed the high lady of a knight. But the grace of God offers us, despite who we were, a new name. He does not see us as Aldonza, the whore, but He now chooses to call us Dulcinea, His sweet one.

Philip Yancey said, “Grace costs nothing for the recipients, but everything for the giver.” I am given this new name of Dulcinea by the grace of God through Christ Jesus. It cost Him everything to give me this new name. And this is the scandal of grace. It’s a mystery, but a “sweet one.”


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