check it.

A group from Grand Valley State University came down this week to share a unique performance with our students.  First off, it was a puppet show, which I was a little hesitant about but second, it was based on DON QUIJOTE’S story!  Do you know how excited I was to see this in the event line up?  I just learned about DQ two years ago and hardly anyone I talk to actually knows his story, so you could say I was just a little overjoyed that people would be exposed to it.  

The puppet show overall was great.  the puppeteers were all undergraduate students studying Spanish and doing this on the side.  They shared the story of this Spanish hero but they left out on gigantic part…Dulcinea.  Don Quixote referred to her a couple of times but they never really explained who she was or her significance throughout the play.

Dulcinea may start off as Aldonza the Inn harlot, but she transforms before our very eyes into Dulcinea, DQ’s sweet one.  Unlike the sheep, windmill or inn that DQ perceives to be an army, giant or castle, Aldonza actually converts into whom he knows her to be.  She sees herself as a lady, beautiful, and worthy of love.  

When I think of Don Quixote, I think of  a beautiful story of redemption and grace, windmills and chivalry.  The puppet show covered the windmill and chivalry aspects but Aldonza’s transformation was left out.  

If y’all have no idea what I’m talking about, I’d encourage you to watch the musical, Man of La Mancha.  It’s from the 70s so you may not be able to find it many places but I would check it out from your local library or maybe even Netflix.  Seriously.   do it.  you won’t regret it.  

I have a really great post to share with you tomorrow and if this doesn’t convince you to love DQ, hopefully that one will.  



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