the hype on hipsters.

“Imma take your grandpa’s style.  Imma take your grandpa’s style.  No for real.  Ask your grandpa.  Can I have his hand-me downs?”

  • Thrift Shop by Mackelmore is their themesong
  • Portland is their Mecca
  • PBR.  trucker hats.  triangles.  organic.  vintage.  satchels.  indie bands.  vinyls.  ukuleles.
  • flannels. thick-rimmed glasses. tattoos. ironic tees. skinny jeans. deep vees
  • beards and mustaches.  ‘nough said.
  • fixies are the transportation of choice.
  • Macs.  There is no other option.
  • educated 20somethings that are lazy and don’t care.
  • cats.

Basically, hipsters stray away from what is mainstream, essentially starting their own trend and defeating the purpose of the whole movement.  They refuse to admit they are hipsters because that would be detrimental to their status…

Hipsters are a hot mess of irony.


Being a hipster is no new thing.  I can assure you.  Hepcats, Beatniks and Hippies came before these ironic idolizers.  They are falling into the cycle.  It comes and goes about every twenty or so years and hipsters are no exception.  They have a little different style and take, on the whole non-conformist, free-spirited movement, but the world is a completely different place than it was in the 30s, or 60s.  I can gaurantee in another 10-20 years, we’ll have another group of wayfarer wearing weirdos.  They will think they’re different, but we all know the truth.  They just look like Mr. Rogers wannabes, which is OK for the time being.  But if they come out dressing like the 80s threw up on them, I will be concerned.


Honestly, I don’t think one can achieve true hipsterdom.  We are always trying to impress others or gain approval from someone.  In order to be a true Hipster.  You have to let go of any care for others opinions and while many people let on that they could care less what people think of them, if I had to bet, I’d say that somewhere in that little obscure triangle-shaped heart of theirs, they care at least a little bit.  They have to.  When we are young, we do silly and cute things to get people’s attention.  To gain their approval.  Why else would it hurt so bad when someone is disappointed with what you’ve done?  If you love someone, you’ll do what you can to please them.  to make them happy.  I just can’t believe that you will drop everything and “be your own person” even if it means ignoring everyone’s feelings around you.

In order to be a true hipster, one must give up everything.  Consuming is giving in to trends and that’s a no no for any hipster out there.  If you want my honest and humble opinion, hipsters don’t exist.  It’s that plain and simple.  Unless you are a naked mountain man with who has constructed his own knife and made Adam and Eve style clothes, you’re a comsumer, therefore, not a Hipster.

Now, the whole stereotypical hipster thing is strange, ironic and sometimes annoying, but there is a decent concept behind it.  I think people wanting to do their own thing is fantastic and it can turn out to be a really good thing.  Hear me out.  Living in vans and getting as high as Charlie Brown’s kite is not what we’re going for anymore.  Independence, new ideas, freedom and individuality is more of the thinking.  Don’t care about what the world thinks of you, but don’t turn your back on anyone that truly cares about you.  You can be your own person without shutting out friends and family.  God created you to be unique.  We’ve always been told that we aren’t like anyone else, so embrace it.  Take it to the next step.  Listen to your head and not your heart.  Don’t shut down your ideas because a few people say they will never work.  If Noah would have listened to all those people telling him he was a crazy old man for building a gigantic boat, we wouldn’t be here.  Noah is a hipster!!!  Have you ever thought about that?  The Bible is full of hipsters.  God told these people to drop everything and follow him.  Society thought they were crazy but they did it anyway and God used them in some pretty special ways.  We can be modern day hipsters that God can use.  Pretty cool huh?  I like to think so.


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