return the favor.

My two previous posts were about Jesus’s lineage and hope and faith during this season. Hopefully this guy can time them together for ya.

So, it’s the day after Christmas.  By this time, family has left, the celebrations are over, you’re back to work and braving the stores to return some gifts.  You may be taking down your decorations and trees.  You are trying to get back into the daily routine of things now that the holiday season is essentially over.  Your advent calendar has ended so you don’t sit and read the bible stories with your kids or go out of your way to do fun things as a family to prepare your hearts and minds for Christmas.  

Basically, the bottom line is, Christmas is over and you are preparing for the next thing: the new year.  With all of this comes a sort of renewing of the mind.  You are thinking about resolutions and regrets.  goals and new diets to try.  2013 is your year.  you got this.  you’re not going to quit.  you’re not going to give up.  the resolution is really going to last all 365 days this year, you promise yourself.  Yeah…We’ve all been there.  But are you forgetting something?  We just celebrated a birth, just yesterday.  A pretty significant birth if you ask me.  and we throw him to the wayside as if he’s last week’s rotten leftovers.  That makes me sad.  

Yeah, Christmas is just one day of the year, but that doesn’t mean we should throw everything that is associated with Christmas out the window.  We should continue to celebrate it and remember the significance throughout the year.  Hey, the Christmas music and most of the decorations could go without a complaint from me, but the attitude and heart that you had at this time should remain.  

Maybe you sat down and read a passage with your kids to build up to the big Christmas story in Luke 2.  or maybe you went out of your way to be more generous or kind to someone.  you attended church  more than normal.  you were thankful.  you felt blessed and let God know.  you participated in some random acts of kindness for strangers.  Whatever it was, why does that have to stop after the 25th of December?  this is just a date.  a relatively insignificant date that we placed a hugely significant event on.  

Just humor me and think about it for two minutes.  A baby is born.  but they don’t cease to exist the day after their birth do they?  You continue to see them and encourage them and love on them as they get older right?  You tell them how much you appreciate them or how precious they are.  It’s not just a one time deal.  It’s a lifetime.  Jesus was a baby.  just like we were at one point.  Right??  See where I’m going with this?  Celebrating Jesus and what he did for us shouldn’t stop just because Christmas is over.  It should be an ongoing thing.  You build a relationship with a little baby.  you hope they remember you the next time they see you.  You should do the same with Sweet Baby Jesus.  He’s not a baby anymore, but he has done a lot for you and celebrates your life and loves on you everyday.  We should return the favor.  


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