hope in adoption

Yesterday, I wrote about Jesus’s genealogy from Matthew 1 here.  I figured I could tell you why it means so much to me and how it applies today.

Seeing Jesus’s lineage gives me hope.  and isn’t that what this season is about?  This kid came to earth for what purpose?  to save our sinning souls.  how the heck are we supposed to believe that?  He’s a baby who was born in a smelly stable for crying out loud!!  Well, the answer to that is hope and faith.  We hope for the future and have faith that it will happen and we’ll be saved somehow.  Well, that hope paid off…thirty-three years later when this guy names Jesus, yeah the same one that was born in a stable, died on the cross for us.  and the great thing about it is it didn’t stop working.  Not like a one-shot, you must be present to claim your prize kind of thing.  No.  We can still have that hope and faith today, a couple thousand years later.  sweet right?  I like to think so.  

I have hope because I’m not a perfect person.  None of us are.  But, God chose us frrom the beginning.  He wants to adopt us into his family.  He already has a place set for us at his table and there is nothing we can do to make him change his mind, no matter how terrible you think it is.  He loves us more than we can imagine.  I realize I’m not perfect.  I struggle everyday.  It may be tripping over little ruts one day or completely biffing it and rolling down a hill, Princess Bride style. That doesn’t matter.  We will stumble, but he will reach down and lift us back up daily.  Why?  because he loves us and has forgiven us if we accept it.  

This genealogy shows me that I have a chance to be with God someday, hopefully soon.  I have the faith that Jesus came as a baby.  he lived out thirty-three perfect years of his life on this unbelievably flawed earth we call home.  and then he died.  simple as that?  no, there’s a little more to the story.  His death was a huge deal.  He was our sacrifice.  no more little lambs had to die.  no more near death experiences for kids of faithful, God-fearing men.  Jesus paid it all.  That’s it.  He tooks our sins, bore them while he was on the cross, and died, taking all of the awful things we did/do with him to the grave.  but he didn’t stay there for long.  three days later, that man rose from the dead, as perfect as can be.  He was ready to go back home.  to his dad.  his heavenly father.  

Isn’t that a nice thought?  everlasting life because a little baby came to earth one night.  awesome.  This is why we celebrate Christmas.  This is why we have hope.  because of what has happened.  because of how he is working right now.  and because of what is to come.  




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