My list

  1. grace.
  2. second chances.— i realize this may be redundant, but i don’t really care.  not one bit.
  3. god’s love for me because he knows i surely don’t deserve it.
  4. struggles.— for one will soar after a little bit of friction
  5. a place to call home
  6. a family that loves me.
  7. sweatshirts.
  8. pets— constant companions no matter what you’re going through.  hey, i’m going to be a cat lady someday, i better appreciate pets.
  9. a good church where i can worship and grow.
  10. candles…fruity.  no flowery crap is tolerated.
  11. swings.  porch, playground or tire.  no preference.  
  12. music.
  13. legs.  i’m a big fan of walking.
  14. opportunities and experiences i’ve been blessed to have.
  15. the fact that i have a “thing” or two.
  16. chips and salsa.
  17. boat shoes.  
  18. the good couple of solid people i can call friends.
  19. psych.
  20. a good pen.
  21. the peanuts gang.
  22. little people with little personalities who always know how to brighten my day.
  23. duck, duck, goose.  
  24. dreams.
  25. a good story.  
  26. lists.
  27. good health.
  28. passions.
  29. a god who orchestrates everything so powerfully but oh so delicately.
  30. beauty in creation all around me.

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