Questioning my title?  Well don’t.  I have a headache.  That’s how I feel right now.  That’s how I’ve felt all day because I’ve had a headache for the past five days.  It sucks. 


I’ve suffered from headaches for quite some time now.  Oh, it’s been like 12 years now.  Yeah.  It’s been awhile.   And don’t tell me I need to see a doctor because I’ve done that.  Several times.  And I’m done.  They tell me the same thing.  DEAL WITH IT.  Or even better, they don’t think I know what a freakin’ headache is.  Yeah.  Essentially, that’s what they all say, and I walk out of their office ready to rip someone’s head off.  I get that that’s not the most gracious or godly thing to do, but when you deal with throbbing pain in your head daily, the absolute last thing you want to hear is deal with it. 

From what I can remember, my headaches started when I was in second grade.  I switched to a new, smaller, rural school that was closer to our house called Underwood.  I didn’t know anyone.  I was unbelievably shy and it was a very rough year for me.  I made new friends and got involved in tee ball and coach pitch, but that didn’t stop me from having some wicked anxiety about the move.  I cried everyday and I had a headache and stomachache every day because I got so worked up over everything. 

After my second grade year, we moved back to our old school in Council Bluffs and things went back to normal.  I was fine.  Until junior high.  Some kids have an awkward growth spurt or change drastically during these two years.  No, that wasn’t the case for me.  That’s when I remember having headaches again.  But this is when the migraines kicked it.  Joy.  Oh how I love migraines.  And my mother.  Because they are hereditary of course.  Can I just say one thing about migraines?  They SUCK!!!  That’s all. 

According to these oh so wonderful doctors that I’ve been seeing, I have chronic headaches/migraines and basically I’m stuck with them FOR. EV. ER.  Yep.  Awesome right?  That’s kinda what I thought too.  I hate that I’m complaining right now.  I don’t want to use my blog as a means of venting to about this, but with me having daily headaches for months now, I’m a little desperate. 

I’m hoping you may have some remedies that DO NOT involved seeing another dumb doctor that will tell me to deal with it because if that happens, it may not end well…for them.  Goodness gracious people, I’m just kidding, but I would be tempted.  And please don’t tell me to take any more Ibuprofen because I’m pretty sure I’m going to OD on that if I take any more.  That stuff is not good for your body to handle over a long period of time anyway.  If you have some input or encouragement, cool.  If not, sorry for ranting/complaining to you.  I’ll try not to let it happen again.  


2 thoughts on “Hhdfhajkhfhjkfhashuigwgnmvhrg

  1. I have no medical advice. And I really don’t have any deeply comforting, encouraging, spiritual things to say. But I am praying for you! And I know the God is at work in your life.

  2. I have no medical advice. And I really don’t have any deeply comforting, encouraging, spiritual things to say. But I am praying for you! And I know the God is at work in your life.

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