I just don’t understand


Why are girls so addicted to Pinterest?  I’m not pointing fingers at anyone in particular.  This post is just as much for me as it is for the general public.  I’m not saying Pinterest is awful.  It can be a good thing.  I do enjoy it, I just get frustrated with it and myself sometimes.

As far as I can tell, Pinterest is the great time-waster of most college-aged girls.  Am I right?

Bored in class?Get on Pinterest!

Talking on the phone?Get on Pinterest!!

Need a break from homework?Get on Pinterest!!!

Watching TV….there’s a commercial break?!?!Get on Pinterest!!!!

Do you see a problem with this?  Pinterest is consuming so much of our time!  It’s ridiculous!!!  Is it productive? no.  Is there any redeeming quality?  no.  not really.  Are there better ways to spend our time? of course!!!

I’ve seen boards called “cool things I’ll probably never do.”  ummm, sorry, I may be misunderstanding something, but what’s the point?  Isn’t Pinterest supposed to be a sort of motivation for girls to be crafty?  That’s not what it’s turned out to be.  It’s a database of unrealistic crafts, hairstyles, recipes, pictures, houses, and weddings that to the average person, just aren’t possible.  Even if you try them, they won’t turn out like the picture.  they never do.

Of all the DIY things you’ve pinned, how many have you actually tried?  How many have turned out?  How many of those pins are for future reference?  How many are you REALLY going to ever go back and look at?  My guess is not many…

Honestly, I’m not trying to bash Pinterest, or anyone in particular.  I just don’t understand why we spend so much time pinning these things, creating these unrealistic expectations for our life. It’s frustrating for me.  It’s convicting.  I actually went through my Pinterest the other night and deleted several of my pins and boards.  I realized I didn’t need them.  I hadn’t done anything on them, let alone looked at them  recently so what was the point of keeping them around.  I do still have some cleaning out to do of my boards, but it’s getting there.  I’m trying to be more aware and deliberate about what I post.  The majority of what I pin now is just because it interests me.  You know, stuff like banjos, mustaches, the Peanuts Gang, cats, rusty trucks and quotes/ verses.  I try not to pin too many things that I know I will never get around to doing or never even have the intention to do. 

With that being said, I’m trying not to make Pinterest my go-to site anymore.  Yes, I enjoy banjos, facial hair, and trucks, but is that stuff redeeming for me either?  no.  Is it necessarily bad though?  no.  So, I just have to find a happy medium between the redeeming activities in my life and the leisurely, care-free and sometimes mindless things such as pinning.


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