If six week at camp didn’t teach me anything thing about kids, it did teach me this….

I realize that this is a month and a half after camp, but I’ve had some time to think and reflect on some things, so I thought I could share them with you.

-Patience.  Seriously.  If you go to spend a summer at a camp and don’t learn anything about patience, then you were either smoking something the whole time or you were completely oblivious to everything that was going on around you.

-How to clean a bathroom.  This may sound weird, but I hadn’t really cleaned a bathroom before this summer….yeah.  I know.  It’s real pathetic.   But it’s OK, because I’m making up for it by cleaning bathrooms all the time now.

-I’m also a pro at priming and painting ceilings!!!

-And I can cook!!!  I was able to fill in as assistant cook for one day which was enjoyable.  I learned how to make cherry delight…the best camp food ever…unless you don’t like cherries.

-I love washing my hands.  Seriously.  I’m a germaphob and when you combine that will the heat and dirt of camp plus the germs of kids and bathrooms, you get me.  At the sink.  With my own soap dispenser.  All the time.  It’s GRoss. 

-There’s nothing wrong with a little impromptu game of baseball with some of the lil’ boys.  This was one of my favorite memories of camp.  It sounds simple, but it was wonderful.  It started out with a tennis ball, a stick and 3 of us.  It ended up with a speaker, several kids and a swollen hand.  It was worth it though.

-Don’t be afraid of using unconventional methods to get your point across. Just make sure you’re prepared to take the weird looks and questions at the campfire when your kids decided to tell everyone you did these things…

Example A: Singing “Pants on the Ground” to explain the importance of the Belt of Truth

Example B: Talking about gangsters and hipsters to illustrate the significance of the Breastplate of Righteousness. 

-Seeking help from others is alright…in fact, it’s encouraged.

-Tailor your speech to what the kids can understand.  They may not get the same phrases that you do.  Foe example:  “go for the jugular”.   Yeah.  That turned into “go for the jiggler vein.”  And they still had no idea what I was talking about.

-Be flexible.  With devos, activities, conversations, personal space, comfort zone. 

-Little girls don’t care about your weird quirks…  I didn’t feel good one day so I took a nap during freetime.  When I woke up, I was surrounded by all 6 of my girls.  Lil’ creepers.  It was AWFUL!!!

-If someone has dust in their eye and they ask you to blow in it, don’t be appalled.  It’s OK.  In fact, it’s normal in some communities.  Apparently it makes your eye water, therefore making the dust come out. 

-It’s OK to pray out loud.  It doesn’t have to be scary.  You’re just talking to God.  Other people just happen to be in the room with you.

-There is not a formula for leading someone to Christ.  I had the opportunity to share with a young girl and I had it pictured in my head how it would go….yeah.  It didn’t go that way.  But it was OK.  We chased a few bunny trails and talked about some random things but in the end, she got the whole picture of the gospel and made a decision and I trust that it was real. 

-Apparently there is a verse about joking and sarcasm in the Bible (Proverbs 26:18-19)….yeah… that was convicting for quite a few of us on staff :/

-Mustaches are catching on!!!!

-I’m a bossy person….and that was one of the top things a guy doesn’t want in a future wife.  Sweet.  I should probably work on that….

-Laminin!!!  We watched a video called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made with Louie Giglio speaking about creation and he mentioned a protein in our bodies called laminin.  This protein apparently holds our bodies together just like Christ holds us together as well (Colossians 1:17).  Check out the video to hear more about it. 

-I enjoy getting mail….I suck at returning the favor.  I’m real sorry Laura.

-I DO NOT enjoy it when preachers try to scare kids into salvation.  At all. 

-I DO NOT enjoy the movie Arsenic and Old Lace.  It’s real creepy.  It gave me nightmares. 

-I DO enjoy having “candle lit” chapel while it is storming…and by candle lit, I mean by lanterns and flashlights.

-God definitely has a sense of humor.

-I doodle a lot.  My junior high girls can attest for that.

-Even though I haven’t seen a ton of movies, I sure do make a lot of movie references.  In my notes and in my conversations.  It makes them real interesting and entertaining to go back through and read, that’s for sure.



2 thoughts on “If six week at camp didn’t teach me anything thing about kids, it did teach me this….

  1. If these were individual facebook posts…I’d like every one of them. 🙂 Patience is the first on list? yup. Every year….Asking for help? BUT I WANT TO DO THIS MYSELF! I AM THE DEAN!Joking and sarcasm…yeah, that one still convicts me.Arsenic and Old Lace? So much for watching classic old movies. Never again! I’m so thankful I got to work with you this summer, Hannah! You’re an incredible person…and I think of you when I see a mustache of any kind. 🙂

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