Band-aids and Ice packs won’t fix it this time

Well, I’m four weeks into camp and so far it has gone well.  You guys know about my first week with Miss J, but I have kept you out of the loop on the past two weeks.  Sorry ‘bout it.  I’ll do my best to fill you in with what’s going on in my life in the following paragraphs. 

Beginners- 3 day camp for 2nd graders

                I was actually nurse for this week, meaning my life was filled with bandaids and ice packs.  It was a fun experience.  I was able to interact with the kids, but I still had some time to myself and with the other staff members.

Junior 2- 1 week long camp for 3rd -6th graders

                I was pulled as a counselor this week and called to be a painter with two other girls.  Painting in the heat of the day may not sound like the most appealing job out there, but believe me; we had a lot of fun.  We primed and painted the ceilings of 5 boys’ cabins.  It was not the easiest task, but we had a good time throughout the week between the Mineral Spirits, Children’s music, paint fumes, temporary “tattoos”, mustaches and drug references.  We were even serenaded by one of the male counselors, to I’ll Make A Man Out of You!  He apparently didn’t feel like we were tough enough to do this job πŸ˜‰  And we found out that by painting the ceilings won’t get us to heaven…shoot.  That’s what I was banking on.  I’m just kidding people.  Goodness gracious.

Over all, I really enjoyed this week.  It started out somewhat rough: with us cooped up in a small cabin, away from all the kids, painting with the worst smelling primer known to mankind.  But as the week moved on, you could say we got the hang of it and it wasn’t so bad….or the paint fumes got to us.  Truthfully it was probably a little of both.  The actual painting process was pretty fun, which is interesting because the thought of being together for multiple hours with two other girls in a tiny cabin makes me cringe, but it really was an awesome experience.  We had so much fun, joking around, being ridiculous and getting to know each other… Oh.  And getting some work done too πŸ˜‰

Junior 3- 1 Week long camp for 3rd– 6th graders

                This summer has gone well for me up until this week.  I’m not sure if this is just a bad transition week from being staff to returning to counselor, but I’ve been relatively miserable all week.  I came into the week not wanting to be here.  I have had a horrible attitude about everything and there is no excuse for it.  I have 7 great girls, 2 awesome speakers, good friends, food, and shelter.  I’ve pretty much got it made, and yet, I’m still complaining.  I’m pretty pathetic.  It’s frustrating and I honestly don’t understand it.  Granted, I have had daily headaches, two migraines and I just haven’t felt the greatest in general, but that’s really no excuse.

                I have been a horrible counselor and staff member to this camp, to the campers and to God.  I haven’t been focused.  I haven’t been a servant.  I haven’t been helpful or willing or grateful.  I’ve seriously been a jerk to these kids and I feel horrible for it.  Yeah, I still have two weeks and I can make it up, but there is still no excuse for it.  These kids are only here for one week this summer to learn about Christ and I feel like I have ruined that for this batch.  I feel terrible for it and I am very sorry.  I know apologizing on this post isn’t going to help anything, but I guess it’s a public way of saying this is wrong and I’m going to change for the future weeks. 

                I realize that there is nothing I can do to change the past week, but I can do things differently in the future and move on with a better attitude, outlook, and hope.  I will do my best to focus on the upcoming campers, but first and foremost on God.  I will be attentive to their needs and thoughts.  I will be here for them, not for myself, not matter how difficult it will be with junior high and high school kids.  I will work together with the rest of the staff, I will be encouraging and helpful.  I will be positive and open to how God wants to use me for the next two weeks.  All of this sounds fine and dandy, but none of it is possible without God’s help.  Obviously.  Look where I was this week when I wasn’t attentive to what He was saying to me.  I was in a really bad spot and I would rather not go back there anytime soon. 

Of all the weeks I am working this summer, these two scare me the most.  I haven’t worked with the older kids much and I’m not sure how I’ll handle it.  I am looking forward to them because I remember how God used these weeks of camp in my life.  I feel like God wants me to be here still; He has called me to this camp for a reason and my chance isn’t blown to glorify Him in my service here this summer. 

I am asking for your prayers.  For your encouragement, advice, support.  Please pray for wisdom for me. For strength, patience, my attitude, and that I can stay focused.  Please pray for the counselors, campers, speakers, and staff for the rest of the summer.  Thank you so much.


One thought on “Band-aids and Ice packs won’t fix it this time

  1. Im coming and here for u and u better be happy bec i need u to girly and ik u are doing ur best and being ur best. im here to help and dont be scared we are not that bad ok well most of us. i love u sister and u know im here on face book and u know my sell so call me if u need to.see u Sunday

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