Kickin’ it with Jesus in Nashville

Last Friday, a group of 18 college students from Northwest Missouri State University left for their spring break.  It wasn’t to some exotic place to party or to an impoverished location to volunteer….nope, it was to Nashville, TN.  This seems like a strange place for a campus ministry to go for a week.  Why would the “Buckle of the Bible Belt” need evangelizing?  They didn’t….or that wasn’t our goal at least.  We had an interesting vision for this trip that was unlike anything we’d seen or heard of before.  Our goal was to build relationships with international students.  In a way, we wanted to serve them, rather than just serving the community we were living in.  What better way to show them American culture by taking them to the country music capital of the world?  If you think about it, Country music is one of the only things America can call it’s own original product.  Everything else seems to be a mash up of other countries and cultures. 

Anyway, Twitter was blowing up with tweets about our activities throughout the week but our blog was lacking in details.  Sorry about that.  I’ll do my best to catch y’all up on everything that went down over the past week. You can always check it out for yourself here!/cchmissions

Friday- Packing, packing, ice ice baby, driving, rest stop, driving, rest stop, driving, St. Charles!!!!

Saturday- Breakin’ the fast, driving, driving, rest stop, debates about purple and white trees, driving, rest stop, driving, Nashville!!!!!  Unpack/unload.  


Air mattress fiasco!  Goodness gracious what an ordeal!

Movie night- The Social Network

Steak and Shake-  We met Terry.  ‘nough said.  He was our first real encounter with a southern boy.  The girls were swoonin’ the rest of the week. 

AAAANNDD here come the southern accents : )


Sunday- Worship service at Franklin Christian Church

Country Music Hall of Fame

Studio B tour with an AMAZING guide named Rob

Downtown Nashville.  Line for the maple Bacon ice cream place was out the door so we had to skip that for the day…oh darn πŸ˜‰

Telephone Pictionary-  best group game Eva!

Somehow a cow jumping over the moon turned into a cow pooping in a pond.  Don’t ask J

 We found some scooters that were pretty entertaining for awhile…until we found the Holy Grail!!!  NERF GUNS!!!  We had a lot of fun that night, that’s for sure.


Monday- The Hermitage, President Andrew Jackson’s Home.  Very educational and interesting…lots of walking though.  Brandon even made history while standing in line for the tour : )

On Belmont’s campus to talk with Guy Chmieleski (try saying that name 5 times in a row!)

Sat in on a lecture by Steve Garber entitled “Karma is Not Enough”

Group trip to Steak and Shake…no Terry unfortunately


Tuesday- Working with Harvest Hands today!  A community development group that dwells in the community to build relationships and serve with the people they work with…hmmm where have we heard this before?  We helped them organize items for a community flea market they held on Saturday, March 25.

Painting, painting and yep you guessed it more painting. 

                We painted the youth room and the main hallway at Franklin Christian Church.  It was quite the experience for our international students but I think everyone had a good time getting paint everywhere!!!

Downtown Franklin- live music, Sweet CeCe’s FroYo mmmm πŸ™‚

Lemon Squeeze-  For those of you who don’t understand this term, don’t feel bad, I didn’t either.  We basically shared thoughts on the week.  How we’re feeling, what we’re thinking… you get the picture. 


Wednesday- driving, rest stop, driving driving, SUPERMAN!!!! Metropolis, IL, lunch, driving, rest stop, rest stop…St. Louis!      

Swimming, cheerleading stunts in the pool.  Garrett has a future in cheerleading if he sticks with it!


Walk the Line- Perfect way to end our trip to Nashville


Thursday- Driving, shopping, rest stop, driving, driving, rest stop, rest stop, driving, On the Border for Supper, Casting Crowns Concert in Independence, MO.  Rest stop, driving, driving AAAAANNNDD finally, we’re back in Maryville

Unload the trailer as fast as humanly possible, pray, hugs, and head home to get some sleep. 



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