I’ve been on a “Facebook fast” for two solid months now and it’s great.  Yeah, there are some drawbacks, but I feel like the benefits and extra time I have outweigh those few things I’m missing.  Anyway, I just thought I’d share 29 things that I’ve learned, discovered or realized with all of my free time, in honor of this wonderful day that won’t be around for another 4 years.

1.  I can’t wait for Mustache March!!!!  Who needs March Madness when you can have Mustache Madness instead?!?!  Honestly, I haven’t been thinking about this much until last night and I realized just how exciting it will be to see all of these mustaches around our campus, even if they are kind of shabby.  It’s the thought and effort, or lack there of that counts!

2.  I miss my brother!!!  I haven’t talked to him for quite some time and it was really nice chatting last night.

3.  Taylor Swift may be growing on me.  I’m not a fan necessarily, but I do enjoy listening to her music, as long as it’s not live.

4.  I’m not much help at Trivia Night, but it’s still a pretty fun environment to be in.  I’ve got to brush up on my unuseful facts. 

5.  Unuseful is a really strange word.

6. Out-of-whack is a phrase….in-of-whack is not!!!   Ahem… you know who you are!

7.  Crayons make it extremely difficult to color with, especially if you are trying to stay in the lines.  No wonder kids always had trouble with this, I’m in college and I still can’t do it.

8.  There is nothing wrong with coloring animals unusal colors.  It’s good for people to use there imagination and be creative sometimes, especially when they are just trying to relax or get enjoyment out of the activity.  Hey, if Theodor Geisel can do it, why can’t we?

9.  The word thesaurus reminds me of dinosaurs, which in turn reminds me of The Land Before Time series.  Sarah was a jerk and really bossy, Little Foot was paranoid, Duckie was whiny and Spike was Awesome, Petry was pretty sweet too.

10.  Me gusta hablar en español.  In case you didn’t catch that, I like to speak in spanish.   

11.  The Beach Boys ripped off Chuck Berry!  Surfin’ USA and Sweet Little Sixteen are ridiculously similar.

12.  Apparently not many people have heard the phrase “Holy buckets!”  I feel like this should change…real soon.

13.  The little pills of rubber that are left after erasing are EXTREMELY annoying!  I’m not a fan and I feel as though people should clear them off their desk before leaving the class.  If you think I want to come to a class and sit at a desk full of eraser poop, you are seriously mistaken bud. 

14.  As kids get older, they revert back to how they were when they were younger.  We love cartoon characters, Disney movies, coloring books, and naps.

15.  I am a ridiculously picky eater!  I had no idea that I am so hard to please when it comes to food.  Man alive!  I should work on that.

16.  I found out who Mick Jagger is! Apparently he’s kind of a big deal and it’s frowned upon in this society to not know who he is.  My bad.  I don’t know what Ke$ha was smoking when she said she’ll “kick ’em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger.”  He’s not good looking and his moves leave a lot to be desired.  He has some that should NEVER make a comeback, that’s fo sho. 

17. I have been deprived of Star Wars for 18 years and that is also frowned upon in this society.  I decided that this will change before school is out.  It’s pretty sad when a 5 year-old and an 11 year old have to explain it to you.

18.  I’m am real bad at basketball and I would love for this to change in the near future.  I’d be satisfied with just learning how to shoot a basketball properly.  If I don’t learn anything else about the sport, I’m okay, as long as I can go out and shoot hoops with my kids some day, I’ll be happy.

19.  I’ve realized that I like working with people with disabilities and would love to continue.  This will probably take form in a couple of different ways.  I’ll be involved with volunteering for the Missouri Special Olympics helping with the events and maybe even organizing some of them.  I definitely want to get a teaching endorsement in special education.  Not only will this make me more marketable to future employers, but it will also help me be a more effective teacher in the general classroom. 

20.  A big misconception of people with disabilities is that the people are “different,” but this isn’t true.  Yeah, they may do certain things differently than your Average Joe, but that doesn’t make them any less important than you or me. Expect a post on this soon, because I have a lot to say about this particular subject. 

21.  “But” may be a small word but it’s meaning is mighty. Take Romans 6:23 for example, “for the wages of sin is death….” if we stopped here, we’d all be screwed.  We’ve all sinned and theres nothing we can do about that now, we’d be going to hell.  Wait for it…it gets bettter. “But, the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”  See what he did there?  Yeah, that short, little, three-letter-word just changed your life…literally!  God gave us the chance to spend eternity with Him in heaven if we choose to accept Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross and change our life so we can follow Him.  I’d say that’s pretty amazing and exciting. 

22.  I fidget.. A LOT!  I play with/spin my pen, and mess with my ponytail, earrings, or necklace.  I do not, however, chew on my pen, click it obnoxiously or bite my nails because those are all either gross or extremely annoying habits.  Mine may be too and feel free to tell me, but I would rather spin my pen than suck on all of the germs that are on the cap or under my nails. 

23.  If you are going to sit in class for an hour, pay attention for crying out loud!  What is the point of getting out of bed, going to class and then sitting on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter the whole time, completely ignoring the teacher?  I don’t get it.  If you’re going to do that, stay in bed.  You pay for these classes for a reason.  Don’t be rude to the teachers.  They’re not stupid!  They can tell when you’re texting under your desk, or are off task.  Don’t be dumb!

24.  I’m oddly interested in correct grammar and spelling.  Text talk is one of the most aggravating things people have come up with recently.  I would say teenagers are responsible for this, but I honestly don’t think that’s true.  Younger kids and adults are the worst!  Talk like an educated person.  You spent how many years in school, yet you’re willing to throw away everything you learned so you can shorten your sentence?  It’s not attractive, it’s not intelligent and it’s not cool.  You sound dumb!  I can live without the punctuation in a text message, but seriously spell things out!  AHHHHH!

25.  Being off of Facebook for two months has made me realize that I have lost touch with a few people that are important to me.  Just because I’m not on Facebook doesn’t mean I can’t talk to them, I just have to find other mediums to do it with and I plan to do that within the next couple of weeks. 

26.  Pineapples are made up of a bunch of little fruits combined into one massive bundle of deliciousness!  Mind Blown!

27.  Underage college students can have fun without involving any alcohol.  Whoa Buddy!  Guuuurl, you trippin’!  No, actually, I’m not thank you very much and yes,this strange concept for some people is very possible, I promise.  I can’t wait for the upcoming “camping trip” with a few of my floormates.

28.  I REALLY don’t like bacon…AT ALL.  I can eat it, but I do not enjoy it and apparently this is also frowned upon in today’s society.  It’s like a sin or something.  Show me the Bible verse that says bacon is God’s gift to man-kind and I will eat as much bacon as you want, but until that happens, I’ll stick with turkey bacon. 

29.  Prayer is kind of a big deal.  This is an understatement. This semester I have discovered how important prayer is in developing my spiritual life.  It’s how I talk to God for crying out loud, I’d say it’s pretty important.  “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory…”  Did you get all that?  God can do more than we could ever imagine or ask of him!  I’d say he’s a very big God that deserves big prayers, wouldn’t you?


3 thoughts on “29

  1. you are a natural blogger. i love reading your stuff.

    i hav 1 thing 2 say 2 u. in-of-whack is a word, 4 real. idk wat ur thinkin. lets be bff.


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