Never Say Never because You Belong With Me Baby


Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are probably the most controversial but popular teenage popstars out there.  Their faithful fans adore them and know all of their songs, but what is it that draws thousands of people to love these two young people?  Some would say the talent of course! For others it is their looks, but for me it is their story and who they are as individuals, not pop stars.

In my opinion, Taylor Swift is overrated.  She can’t sing live, yet people pay to go see her and cry when she throws a guitar pick or signs an autograph.  Really?  What is wrong with these people?  Are they deaf?  I just can’t understand how that is enjoyable, I can barely make it through her two minute performance on the awards shows.  She sings flat ALL THE TIME!!!!  The only reason she sounds alright in her CDs is because she recorded in a studio and they can doctor her voice.  If she ever made a live album, we’d all be in trouble!  This is pretty harsh, but I can’t help my opinion.  The girl is talented when it comes to writing songs, but singing them is a whole different story.  She writes songs that teenage girls can apparently relate to and makes a boatload of money doing it.  

I don’t understand how she knows this much about “love”.  Every one of her songs is the same…boys, “love”, and broken hearts.  She’s twenty-two years old, so I’m sure she’s had her share of butterflies, boyfriends and breakups.  I understand that writing songs for her is a way to destress and get her feelings out there, and I get that.  Writing about stuff is wonderful, but some things just need to be vocalized or kept personal.  If you know me, you probably know what song I’m talking about right now.  I could go on forever about it, but I’ll keep it short and not so sweet for you.  Of all the songs she has written, Mean is the one that gets meSeriously, if you hate someone so much, go slap them in the face, don’t write a song about it. I feel sorry for any boy that dates her.  They better make sure they can take every little girl’s hatred towards them before they ask her out because when that relationship ends, whoa buddy, you better believe there will be a song about you on the next CD with thousands of girls singing it every night into their hairbrush microphone.

With that said, yes, I do listen to Taylor swift sometimes.  Actually, I’ve had her latest hit, Ours in my head all week and I kind of like it.  Gasp!  What?!?  I’m such a hypocrite right?  Eh, I guess you could say that.  I know many of her songs and she isn’t as horrible as I let on.  It’s just frustrating for me to think how much girls adore her when she really can’t sing live.  Write the songs, let someone else sing them.  She’s also popular because she’s pretty, not drop dead gorgeous, but pretty.  She seems like a genuinely nice girl, and the last thing I want is for her to end up like Miley Cyrus, so I hope she sticks to her roots and doesn’t get distracted by everything fame has to offer. See, I can be nice when I talk about her.  I don’t hate her, I’m just not a huge fan that will scream and cry when she walks on stage for the same reasons as everyone else.  Sorry, that was a little harsh! 

As for Justin Bieber, he’s a whole different story.  What a dream boat!  Haha, I’m totally kidding!  He’s not bad looking, but I am not obsessed with him.  A couple weeks ago, I was accused of having Bieber Fever.  Inconceivable!  I wouldn’t say I’m a Belieber, but yeah, I like Justin Bieber.  I’ve seen Never Say Never twice and I even baked a purple Justin Bieber cake for the occasion.  A little much, maybe, but it was fun and was mostly for my friend’s benefit. 

Before I sat down and listened to his CD, I wanted nothing to do with this boy.  He sounds like a little girl and all he sings about is “love”, just like Taylor Swift.  Big surprise.  Teens can relate to this and that’s why they love him.  He can sing, rap and dance and he’s a nice kid with a humble upbringing.  What more could you want?  Apparently that’s good enough for many girls out there.  Watching his movie showed me just how obsessed, girls are with him.  These girls would scream and cry when he walked out on stage.  They think they love him.  It’s not just little girls or teenagers.  There were grown women saying they loved him.  It was ridiculously unhealthy.

His first CD makes him sound ridiculous..ahem… First Dance.  He sounded like he was 12 and he was singing about going to prom and kissing this girl.  He wants to kiss her before the clock strikes 9.  Really?  9 o’clock?  Is that your bedtime?  I don’t know about you, but that would have been one hour in to my prom.  This song cracks me up.  I’m glad he’s singing about a dance and a kiss rather than something else, but this song is little ridiculous and defilnitely not one of his better ones.  

Again, yeah, I like Justin Bieber.  No, that doesn’t mean I love him or want to marry him.  He is a VERY talented kid who came from a single-parent home who happened to get discovered on Youtube.  He can drum, sing, and he is a genuinely nice guy.  He also claims to be a Christian.  BONUS!  🙂  AND…he’s from Canada, just like my man Michael Buble! 

With all of this being said, I give both of them props for being in the spotlight during their high school years.  I can’t even imagine what that would have been like.  I didn’t necessarily like high school, but I learned a lot about myself and there were certain aspects of it that I enjoyed.  Being on a tour bus or in the studio for extended periods of time without interaction with friends or extended family would drive me crazy.  Not having freedom to go somewhere by yourself for fear of attack of crazed fans or poparazzi would be unbearable.  There is a ton of pressure on them and it makes having a normal life impossible.  You have thousands of kids looking up to you, watching your every move.  There is so much pressure on them in relationships, their career, everyday living and their morals.  Everything they do is questioned and they constantly have to battle the headlines.  I can’t imagine how difficult it is to live this way and I commend them for doing a wonderful job so far.  I hope they can keep this up and look to the Lord for strength and guidance because they are under quite a bit of temptation and persecution. 



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