To Cross Country, My Love

I wrote this poem last year for a Public Speaking assignment.  For Valentine’s Day, everyone in my class had to write a love poem to someone or something and present it to the class showing feeling and emotion.  Uh, yeah right.  Who was I going to write a love poem to, my dog?  No, that would be weird and I would have absolutely no idea where to start with that.  I couldn’t think of anyone I wanted to write to or a specific object, so I decided on cross country.  If you know me well at all, this makes sense to you. I love running and in high school, cross country was what I was there for.  Don’t hear what I’m not saying…I was a good student and I cared a lot about my grades, but when it’s all said and done, I went to school so I could run.  I won’t remember half the people or activities I did in high school in ten years, heck, I don’t even remember some of them now and it’s only been a couple months.  What I will always remember is the time I spent at practice, meets, bus rides and building relationships with my team and coach. 



To Cross Country, My Love

Every fall I look forward to you

And when it’s over, I get so blue.

The times we shared

Were anything but bare.


I have loved you from the start

And you will always be dear to my heart.

I was intimidated at first,

But that has all been reversed.


A 4K might seem like a lot,

But completing it is something that can’t be bought.

To relax and let go

Is a feeling everyone should know.


Pulling that rope

Was a way to cope

With the things you put me through

But I still love you.


After wearing those Zebra shorts,

I never again wanted to play a field sport.

I knew you were for me

From day three.


The girls were great

And I knew I’d always have a running mate.

Lakatos was our support

On and off the course.


What other team has purple hair

And doesn’t care if people stare.

When we go on our long runs

We always have so much fun.


Running in our garb from dress up days

Is a memory I can never recreate.

The days of 80s, old ladies and Lakatos;

We wouldn’t take it back if someone paid us.


Animal crackers, popsicles and Gatorade

Are what I looked forward to at the end of each day.

St. Albert hill and Indian runs weren’t my idea of fun,

But it was worth it when it’s all said and done.


You’ve been so good to me

With your grass, hills and scenery.

The 44 meets and 4 pairs of shoes

Are memories I will never lose.


Who knew long runs

Could be so much fun?

Cross-country, you have my love

And you’re one thing I will never let go of.


I could talk about cross country for days, but I’ll spare you.  As you can tell, it’s pretty important to me and of everything I was involved in throughout high school, it was by far my favorite activity.  In some way shape or form, I know that running will always be a part of my life whether it’s running in local races, coaching, baking the local XC team cookies, or having a child who enjoys running.  Someday, when I’m not able to run, you better believe that I’ll be one of those cute little old ladies in a color-coordinated sweatsuit power walking around the mall. 



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