Making the Most of It

Facebook Free February is just a day away!  Are You ready for it? 

It’s not a huge deal to me anymore.  I don’t miss Facebook all that much and it’s great.  I have so much extra time that I can devote to more productive and meaningful things. 


I have decided to make a list of 29 activities to do this month while I am taking a break from Facebook. 

  1. Reverse Applique on a t shirt
  2. Have a Disney Movie Night
  3. Master a new pen spinning trick and do the thumb flip with my left hand.
  4. Either make or buy a Northwest sweatshirt!  I don’t own one yet and I feel as though that should change in the near future.
  5. Make some pillowcases
  6. Make my brother’s birthday present
  7. Embroidery floss on headphones
  8. Make a fabric and Christmas light garland
  9. Have a mustache party at CCH (I’m not sure what this will entail, but I’ll figure something out.)
  10. Post verses on my wall.  On my corkboards.  Not my Facebook Wall.
  11. Start a new journal
  12. Write a paper about my love of running
  13. Grow a pineapple.  Yep, a pineapple!  I’m so excited!
  14. Make ice cream
  15. Build a new relationship
  16. Memorize Scripture
  17. Read the Bible
  18. Play Bunco
  19. Make a to-do list for the Cystic Fibrosis Race
  20. Attend a Buena Vista track meet and basketball game
  21. Watch The Guardian
  22. Run at least twice a week
  23. Post a sewing tutorial on this blog
  24. Figure out what my personality says about my identity
  25. Finish Captivating and Get off your knees and Pray
  26. Make a no-slip bookmark
  27. Write a letter to someone
  28. Clean my room
  29. take a nap!

Whew!  It looks like it’s going to be a long month, but it’s a good thing.  I’m looking forward to using my time wisely and getting something accomplished. 

I hade a Pinterest board of everything I want to do this February.  You can check it out here.


2 thoughts on “Making the Most of It

  1. Are you really growing a pineapple? Why have I not heard about this? I love growing things, and have thought of growing one myself many times 😀

  2. Do you know how to start a pineapple plant from a pineapple, because I think that’d be pretty tough, though fun.How big of a pot do you need? You could get a knife from the front desk. And I actually have a ton of dirt in my room, lol. Don’t tell anyone…. As for the name…. I have no idea! Possibly Greek or Latin for pineapple… That’s what I like to do with naming things, even if it isn’t creative.

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