Mustache Madness!


I have a strange and unhealthy obsession with mustaches! 

They always say the first step is admitting it right?  I’m not sure where this has stemmed from, but I’m not complaining one bit.  It started with one pin on Pinterest and before I knew it, I started a new board dedicated just to mustaches.

When I was in high school, I ran cross country and I absolutely loved it, but that could be a whole other post.  Anyway, after the season was over, we had the Polar Bear Club (winter running) to stay in shape in the off season and get ready for track.  During that time, it was cold and we never wore shorts so we decided to participate in No Shave November.  You may think that’s gross, but shaving your legs is a hassle and if no ones sees them, what’s the point?  We didn’t care what people thought about us!

I think this is where my fascination with No Shave November came from, but this year, I discovered Movember!  It’s the greatest thing ever!  I love the concept and the overwhelming show of support from men around the world.  It’s absolutely wonderful!  I had no idea that November was dedicated to men’s health awareness just as October is for breast cancer awareness.  It’s awesome.  I always thought that NSN was for guys to compete to grow the most unattractive roadkill type abomination on their faces.  That’s what it seemed like at least where I’m from.

After discovering Movember, I decided to be festive and make mustache cookies.  After that, everything exploded!  I started noticing people with facial hair, seeing mustaches everywhere and talking about them all the time.  I would go up to random people and ask them if they were participating in NSN.  It was ridiculous and a little crazy. 

It’s not that I’m attracted to mustaches or facial hair in general, but I’m fascinated my it I guess.  It’s not a deal breaker and I honestly don’t care if my husband has it or not, but there’s just something about it that I find amazing.  Call me crazy, but I don’t really care. 

There are many celebrities and influential people in our society that have facial hair.  Here are just a few: Charlie Chaplin, Hitler, Tom Selleck, Mr. Miyagi, Pedro, Chuck Norris, Colonel Sanders, Mario, Luigi, and Albert Einstein.  Some were for the good and some weren’t so kind to people, but nonetheless, they had facial hair and it was wonderful!

Some of you may not know this, but Abraham Lincoln didn’t have a beard until he ran for President.  On October 15, 1890, an eleven year old girl named Grace Bedell wrote Abraham Lincoln a letter saying that if he had “whiskers” all the ladies would vote for him.  She also said he face would look better with a beard because it is so slender.  He obviously took her advice and now, when we think of him, he has that signature beard.  Oh the power of facial hair!

Ok, this has been pretty random so far, but I’m not making this stuff up.  There are special names for the months that are for a specific facial hair style.  It’s so exciting!  I did make a couple of these up, but the rest are legit.

January- Just Don’t Shave January

February- Facial Hair February, Fuzzy February

March- Mustache March

April- All Natural April

May- Manly May, Macho May

June – Justache June 

July- Gentlemanly July

August- Atrocious August

September- Scruffy September

October- Octobeard

November- Movember, No Shave November

December- Decembeard (My Favorite!) 

I’ll have to think of better names for June and July. 

Ok, well, that’s my plug (pun intended) for mustaches and facial hair…for now.  I’m sure it will come up again in the near future because that’s how much I love them! 



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